Coffee – The elixir of live

Coffee. This black weird drink that, as many people say, helps them to stay alive. To stay awake for the day. To at least wake up and get done what needs to be done. Thats it for most people. For other people coffee is their passion. They basically celebrate the creation of coffee and try to do, as they say, the "proper" way, what ever that means. But even if most of us drink coffee every single day, some of us may not even know how coffee can be made, except just placing this silver aluminium box in your Nespresso machine and hitting start. But lets make a coffee together, just a little espresso. coffee beans

How to start

Honestly to start making coffee you need some beans. Roasted they are black, normally they are green. But we stick with the black ones today, to save us some time.

If you are using a coffee machine like I do, the beans first needs to be grinned, meaning we need to create a powder out of this beans. So lets do this.

beans in portafilter

Brewing our espresso

To get to a finished coffee, we need to place the grinned beans in a portafilter, which we then use to brew our coffee. But before we can hit the silver button to start brewing, we first need to power on the machine (cause it won’t work with a machine that is turned of). So lets heat up the machine to 93°C and continue creating the coffee.

So now we finally placed the portafilter in the correct spot, heated up the machine and preheated out cup (so the coffee will stay warm longer), we can NOW press the magic, silver button to start brewing our coffee. And just 20 sec later you will get your perfectly brewed espresso!

coffee brewing


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